TownShift: Suburb into City

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iscrizioni entro 04.01.10 | consegna entro 06.01.10

Open an international ideas competition seeking innovative ideas for five of Surrey's established Town Centres: Guildford, Fleetwood, Cloverdale, Newton and Semiahmoo. The aim of the competition is to "Shift" thinking and opportunities for each of these "Town" hubs towards more intense, public-minded and productive urban futures.

Approved by the Architectural Institute of British Columbia, this competition is proposed in order to generate innovative new thinking about suburbs transforming towards sustainability in an era of increasingly expensive energy. TownShift has been conceived to open up debate and communicate design ideas amongst the general public and city-building professions, and we hope its results will shape this rapidly-evolving city for decades to come. Indeed, the civic slogan proudly displayed on Surrey's new urban brand is "The Future Lives Here".

Key Dates
- Registration Opens November 6, 2009
- Registration Closes January 4, 2010
- Submissions Due January 6, 2010
- Questions Due Before December 10, 2009
- Answers Posted December 14, 2009
- Exhibition Opens February 4, 2010
- Awards Presented February 24, 2010

Ideas Competition for Surrey's Town Centres