The Sustainable Development of Gadeokdo

International Urban Ideas Competition

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Busan Metropolitan City invite landscape architects, architects, and urban designers and planners to suggest feasible ideas and designs to develop the Gadeokdo into a vibrant city with a sustainable environment. Your ideas and designs will help make Gadeokdo a beautiful and wonderful city in the future.

The purpose of the competition is to establish a schematic design for developing the Gadeokdo region of Cheonga-Dong, Gangseo-Gu in Busan Metropolitan City as an international compound zone by obtaining the broad ideas of experts at home and abroad.

Grade - Awarding and contents of prize money
First prize (1 work) Korean currency 200,000,000 won (USD 160,000: Based on 1,200 won per U$1) and priority negotiation right in establishing the master plan
Second prize (1 work) Korean currency 60,000,000 won (USD 50,000)
Third prize (2 works) Korean currency 20,000,000 won (USD 16,000) each
Encouragement prize (5 works) No prize money

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