Urban Interaction Areas in 2023: Public Squares

International Young Architects Ideas Awards and Exhibition

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consegna entro 10 aprile 2010

Organizers The event is organized by the Chamber of Architects of Turkey and the Antalya Branch under the auspices of UIA.

Public squares are the first public areas mankind used. They have become an important part of urban life with the different roles they played during history. Public squares provide interaction between residents of the urban area and people coming from other places and also people within the city itself. Those areas providing equal usage to all people are a common platform for many activities. Those areas bounded by buildings are identified as rooms covered by sky as a ceiling. In accordance with the urban texture, rather than forcing people to a permanent and oriented movement pattern, public squares are the spaces that provide the potential for human interaction. In our country, public squares are held in a wrong manner and lost their functions. The destruction process, which is effected by ideological reasons, eliminates public squares and consequently creates a loss of identity in cities. The importance of interactive communication becomes more and more important in today’s virtual world where technology develops dramatically, interaction among people decreases and many of our needs are satisfied via internet. One of the most effective ways of developing interactive transmission is creating lively public squares in our cities.

The aim is to design the square of the future by using developing technology. The scenario of the projects to be submitted to the awards and exhibitions programme will be determined by participants. The target audience, scale, function and location of the square will be determined by participants, too. All design criteria should be clearly indicated on the report

Type of the Event This single stage ideas awards programme is open to young architects worldwide in accordance with UIA-UNESCO regulations. .

Terms for Participation
To be born after 1971 and to be architect,
To be a member of the Chamber of Architects of Turkey for participants from Turkey,
To be a member of an organization of architects in their own county for the participants from abroad.
It is free to participate in the event.
It is possible to participate as a team.
People who are relatives of jurors or the Technical Committee can not participate in the event.

- First prize: 2500 euro
- Second prize: 1500 euro
- Third prize: 1000 euro
- Participant award: 1500 euro
Awards will be paid within one month after the announcement.


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