Piraeus Tower 2010 - Changing the Face/Façades Reformation

open architectural ideas competition

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GreekArchitects.gr and DuPont Hellas S.A have proudly launched an open architectural ideas competition entitled: Piraeus Tower 2010 - Changing the Face/Façades Reformation.

The initiative of our architectural ideas competitions is the localization of urban issues at vital points of Greek cities and the attempt to resolve them through Architecture, presenting to the citizens and State the real proportion of Architecture in the real urban space. For all the above, a Tall Building at the port of Piraeus that is abandoned for more than 30 years was located. It is a 22-storey building, 84 m. tall and it is known as "Piraeus Tower". The only tower of the area is "sleeping" in one of the bigger ports of the Mediterranean that presents a dynamic growth at the last decades. The main issue of the competition is not the completion of another high rise building, whose completion is pending for years. The problematic exceeds the narrow limits of the dialectic regarding the construction or not of high rise buildings and skyscrapers in Greek cities and particularly in Athens.

The competition is focused only at the reconstruction of the external façade of the building in order to set off a synectic and clear position regarding the conversation of the Tower with the Piraeus urban landscape and how this new "facade" takes part in and partially forms the relation between the Port, as an important entrance and exit point of the capital, and the urban complex of Athens. There is no material restriction in each proposal- any material can be used.

The only requirement is the use of at least one material of DuPont Company. The objective pursued through the competition Piraeus Tower 2010: Changing the face. Façades reformation is to include the building in the urban landscape through the design proposal and to highlight it as the landmark for the wider area.

+ info: www.greekarchitects.gr/competition2010/piraeus/en/

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