Book and Blues house

Open design contest

consegna entro 16 aprile 2010

Notodden has already marked itself as Norway’s blues capital. The requirement for suitable premises both in connection with blues and as a rallying point for other cultural activities in Notodden has been requested for a long time.

The building shall work as a user house which shall sizzle with activity in all corners and at all hours. It shall not be considered as a "posh house". The town’s best site is put at disposal in order to establish a pronounced building for all of the town’s inhabitants and visitors.

It is also a request that the house shall set its mark outside the municipal border. It is essential that the interaction between framework conditions, surroundings, the town in general and architecture is safeguarded in the project.

The contest is open for architects with approved degree in accordance with EU’s architectural directive. This means that Norwegian Architects must be civil architects or members of the National Association of Norwegian Architects. Foreign tenderers within EU/EEA must present documentation which substantiate that they possess qualifications equivalent to what is required in the EU’s architectural directive.

The Awarding Authority has reserved a total prize amount of 750 000 NOK. The jury is free to divide the prize amount.


The design contest programme with all annexes is available for downloading from the following net site:

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