Sea Change 2030+

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consegna online entro 30 giugno 2010

The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects [AILA] and its competition partners invite individuals and teams to participate in the Sea Change 2030+, an international ideas competition, which will showcase innovative ideas for planning, designing and managing for adaptation to urban sea level rise.

The aim of the AILA ideas competition is to

  • Identify creative solutions for Sydney to adapt to incremental Sea Level Rise, using Sydney Harbour as a case study;
  • Foster dialogue on climate change planning between public, private and community stakeholders in the landscape and urban design sector; and
  • Increase public awareness of the vulnerability of NSW coastlines and foreshores to the impacts of changing climate.

The future holds both challenges and exciting possibilities for the re-shaping of our coastal cities and towns.  We want to engage with the best creative thinkers to explore how we can re-configure urban waterfronts and help start the process of adapting human settlements to changing climate.

The competition site is Sydney Harbour - situated within the Parramatta River estuary. The Parramatta River estuary is a drowned river valley, which is a dynamic environment shaped by natural and human activity.

To encourage wide community, student and professional participation in the competition there are 2 main submission categories:

Category 1 Professionals and Tertiary Students;

Category 2 Open this contains two (2) sub-categories: Category 2A General Including non-professionals, academics, NGOs and Non Landscape Architecture University students who have a climate adaptation policy and strategy focus Entry requirement: open Category 2B Schools Including primary and secondary students under 18 years of age.. Entry requirement: Proof of current enrollment in a school

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