Who's next 2.0. The Challenge: Envisioning Affordable Luxury

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consegna entro 1 settembre 2010

FreeGreen.com is proud to present our second iteration of the Who's Next contest series and it is challenging you to help us define the design concept of Affordable Luxury.

Gone are the days of free-flowing mortgages, and multi-million dollar McMansions. In this "new normal" home owners still desire livable, ascetically pleasing, and luxurious homes, but now need these same concepts implemented into smaller more affordable residential structures.

Competitors will select one of two user profiles (see right) and design a single family home that fits their chosen profile. Competitors will be able to design for a lot of their creation, but will be asked to identify the Climate Region that their entry is designed for, which will help the public and our jury better determine performance benefits. Affordability and Constructability is a key in this contest so all entries should be targeted for an eventual construction cost of $220,000 to $410,000 (The Range of Regional Average New Home Costs, U.S. Census, New Residential Sales Data, 2009).

The competition is open to all interested parties throughout the world, regardless of age (although you must be at least 18 years old), discipline, and professional status. Students are welcome and encouraged to enter. Entrants may submit work independently or as a group or through the instructor.

All submissions must be received via email by 5:00 pm EST Wednesday, September 1, 2010.

+ info: www.freegreen.com/whosnext/contest/