Porto Alegre Municipality

International Student Competition

consegna entro 1 ottobre 2010

Porto Alegre is recognized worldwide for providing a platform for debates on global public policies and the possibilities for social action. The international student competition will be an opportunity to debate local issues of importance for both Porto Alegre and many other cities in all corners of the world.

The entries of the student competition should propose architectural, urban and landscape projects, aiming at the urban renewal of the area of Morro Santa Tereza, located in the southern part of the city.

It is expected that the projects submitted for the International Student Competition will propose answers to the complex reality described above, especially in relation to:

  • interconnection of the territory with the surroundings and between parts within the territory itself - the road structure, morphology of adjacent centers, relationship with vegetation areas, view of the city and Guaíba Lake, etc.;
  • informal occupation within the area (slums);
  • preservation and enhancement of the vegetation;
  • preservation and enhancement of the area's architectural elements of historic and cultural value.

- 1st Prize 3000 Euros
- 2nd Prize 2000 Euros
- 3rd Prize 1000 Euros

RULES [www.ifhp2010portoalegre.com.br]

website: www.ifhp2010portoalegre.com.br/?p=studentcongress

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