Sites of Jewish History in Lviv

International Competition

consegna entro 1 dicembre 2010

The Executive Committee of the Lviv City Council has announced the International Competition for the Sites of Jewish History in Lviv.

The main competition consists ofindividual competitions for three spaces in Lviv that represent in different waysboth the life of the city's large and culturally vibrant Jewish community before the Second World War and its annihilation in the Holocaust. Competitors are not obliged to submit projects for all sites, but can submit projects for all or for one or two of the them.

The competition has two distinct, but interconnected purposes. First, the competiton seeks to respond to the growingawareness of Lviv's multi-ethnic past by contributing to the rediscovery of the city's Jewish history and heritage throughcreatingpublic spaces dedicated to the city's historic Jewish community. Secondly, the competition alsoseeksways to re-design these three open public spaces in such as manner as to improve the quality of life for the contemporary inhabitants and visitors of Lviv.

The International Design Competition for the Sites of Jewish History in Lviv includes:

  • Competition for the Synagogue Square
  • Competition for the Besojlem Memorial Park
  • Competition for the Yanivsky Concentration Camp Memorial

The deadline for submitting competition projects is at 18:00 (EET), December 1, 2010.

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