The SPIRETEC competition

architectural design competition

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iscrizioni entro 29.11.10 | consegna entro 15.01.11

Architectural design competition for a 62,750 square metres mixed use area that is part of an IT office complex spread across 85,000 square metres of land; with a built potential of 1,75,000 square metres. The complex is in Greater Noida; part of the Delhi - National Capital Region (NCR). The NCR is spread over an area of 33,578 square kilometres. It is the ninth largest urban agglomeration in the world. The site for the SPIRETEC project lies adjacent to the flood plain of the river Yamuna.

Scope of the Competition

  • Of the total 62,750 sqm BUA, the IT component of 19,000 sqm BUA is preferred to be designed as the ground floor of the already designed IT office module.
  • In the IT blocks, the shape on the ground floor need not follow the shape of the upper floors. However, the column layout of the IT office module will transfer to the ground floor and is immovable.
  • The height of the volumetric scope at the back has been kept at 100m and the one in the front at 27m, matching with the designed IT Blocks. This is suggested by the Master Plan and can be altered with good design logic. The maximum height, however, cannot exceed 100m.
  • The scope of the competition includes influencing the skin/facade of the IT blocks.
  • Interventions and connections like bridges or skywalks are allowed beyond the volumetric scope.
  • The volumetric scope of the design has been shown in the series of Fig 1-4 below.


  • Upto five honourable mentions will get an award of US$10,000 each.
  • Three winners will get an award of US$25,000 each.
  • The AOD shall receive a contract for US$250,000

- Registration fee waived until 29th November!

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