Medellin 2010 - City Museum

iscrizioni entro 29.12.10 | consegna entro 10.01.11

Arquitectum invites you to participate in its new landscape architecture competition Medellin 2010.

The city of Medellin is Colombia's second most important city, as well as the city with the greatest impact and dynamism of the country. Sadly in the past, Colombia and the city, suffered waves of violence and intolerance that today are still exceeded by most citizens.

The City Museum intends to show the unpublished and anonymous Medellin to the world comunity and its people. Architecturally, the city lacks a symbol; a work that makes it stands out from the rest of the world's cities.

The "City Museum" besides becoming a milestone with local identity for the city of Medellín, in harmony with the hill Nutibara (important determinants of the city), aims to "remember to heal and dream to project" Three important references that clarify the intent of the "City Museum" are the Paulista Museum, the City Museum in Buenos Aires and the City Museum "in Mexico.Three significant projects that tell the story of the cities where they are located. The collections that make up the City Museum are numerous and varied, as they reflect the history and customs of the city of Medellin. Among them are collections of photographs, steaks, advertising, toys, boxes, postcards, stoves, radios and phonographs, chamber pots, containers, tiles and mold manufacturing, and those relating to issues such as food, schools, health and beauty, among others.

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