Two things (dialectic of interior design)

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consegna entro 11 marzo 2010

Special project of XIII International Festival of architecture and interior design «Under the roof of home…» 2011.

Initiator: Architecture and City-planning Committee of Moscow
Organizers: Information and Technological Centre of Moscow Committee of Architecture and Place of holding: (ITC of Moscomarchitecture)

Place of holding: "Dom na Brestskoy" Centre for Architecture and Construction "Dom na Brestskoy".
Time period: 17.03.2011 - 21.03.2011

Competition «Two things»

One thing is an object, an element or even a master-piece.

Two things make an ensemble . Two things form interior space. The stylish interior space where all elements play their own roles like in the performance.

Ensemble, talk, dialogue, or maybe dispute, contradiction, conflict evoking contrast, unity and battle, yin and yan of complex human world of objects.

Competitors of "Two things" should reveal this nice chattering or a talk in an excited tone. They should not only interpret the idea of interior design project to the visitors but reveal its inner sense.

«Two things» is a simple model of the world of objects where a human being lives, a model of the world of the world he is building himself.

Designer, Artist or Architect aims to study it, mark the main idea and cut off minor elements, realize its principles, trends and laws of development of this world.

All your ideas you may implement in any installations. Choice of elements, materials, effects and colour is at your wish.

We provide you with space from 1sq.m up to 10 sq.m for installations.

Deadline for applications is March, 11, 2010

T?l. +7 (499) 251-26-40, +7 (495) 650-49-97 

Participation is free of charge
Page in the catalogue (optional)............ 6500 roubles