Istanbul Disaster Prevention and Education Centre

XII ThyssenKrupp Elevator Architecture Award

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This International Architecture Competition is called in order to select the design of an Istanbul Disaster Prevention and Education Centre, which is to be the first institution in Turkey with the intended facilities.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is willing to establish a centre fully equipped with adequate technology and facilities in order to be prepared against a disaster that may affect Istanbul and to develop public consciousness about the disasters and specifically about earthquakes. The centre will also be hosting relevant courses, congresses and seminars.

Equipped with visual and audio educational appliances and simulation systems, the centre will allow experiencing earthquake, hurricane, fire fighting, smoke, liquefaction, tsunami, first aid and emergency communications. It is also intended to offer information to the visitors through a planetarium, library, seminar/meeting halls, information boards, etc. which are to be designed using the latest technology.

The Competition will be an International Open, Ideas, Single Stage, Public, Anonymous, Preliminary Design Competition. The official language of the competition will be English.

- First: $100,000 (one hundred thousand US dollars), The Istanbul Municipality may commission the winner to carry out the final design where appropriate. (See Section C.16: Post-competition)
- Second: $50,000 dollars (fifty thousand US dollars)
- Third: $20,000 (twenty thousand US dollars). Prize-winners will be subject to international tax regulations for the amounts of the award, to be handed over to the winners in Istanbul.

All competitors who submitted acceptable projects, in the opinion of the jury, will receive a diploma accrediting their participation.

Registration will be carried out on-line at a web developed specifically for the competition:

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