Beton Hala Waterfront Center in Belgrade

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iscrizioni entro 25.03.11 | consegna entro 28.04.11

The City of Belgrade is launching an international one-stage architectural competition to design the Beton Hala Waterfront Center in Belgrade.

The Waterfront Center is  envisioned as the principal new access point from the capital's riverfront to its historic core, and a contemporary architectural anchor point for a vibrant pedestrian zone in one of the city's oldest continually inhabited parts.

The competition site, the Sava River waterfront, is a remarkable area of Belgrade, economically and strategically significant since the founding of the city and historically one of its most represented images. The waterfront today has a unique potential to become the principal pedestrian link between the historic city center and the River Sava, both for the tourists arriving to Belgrade by boat and for the city dwellers.

Prizes and Honorable Mentions
A total amount of 70.000 EUROS will be available for prizes and honorable mentions. It will be distributed as follows:
- I prize 30.000,00
- II prize 20.000,00
- III prize 10.000,00
- 2 Honorable Mentions, 5.000,00 each.

For more information on submissions, schedule, and prizes you can go to the competition's official website