Central Park Landscape Competition Shamrock

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Arquitectum is pleased to welcome architects from the world over to the "Central Park 2011" International Architecture Competition.

The aim of the competition is to design a Central Park for one of the new condominium located in the district of Santiago de Surco [Lima, Perù].

The idea is that this "Central Park" should be a place where the owners will be able to relax; an agreeable and peaceful area to think, which at the same time maintains a personalized style, while the "garden" may be of any type, from a Japanese or Chinese settin, to a wild minimalist design or one that makes use of the contemporary character of the condominium.

ELEGIBILITY Eligible for participation in the competition are:

  • Architects from all around the world, working as individuals or in collaboration, as long as they have completed their studies (including Bachelor's and Master's Degree). It is not compulsory to be a registered or associated architect, but they can also participate.
  • Architecture students are also eligible, but only under the direction of an Architect (could be a professor, but is not mandatory).
  • Multidisciplinary teams may also take part in the competitions (designers, engineers, artist, etc.) as long as they have an Architect as Team Leader.
  • At any given case, teams should have six (06) members at most.

+ info: www.arquitectum.com

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