Good 50x70 | 2011

Social Communication Project - 5th Edition

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scadenza 10 novembre 2011

Good50x70, the social communication project, opens the 2011 edition.

For its 5th birthday, the international poster competition shows off a new concept. In the past four years, Good50x70 has invited creatives worldwide to support 26 briefs, addressed by 9 international NGOs. Now the project is starting off with an open brief competition: participants are able to choose, without restriction, the social issue that they want to deal with.

Good50x70 encourages participants and charities alike to take advantage of the social networks, such as the Facebook fan page, to exchange information and inspiration as a way of guiding the decision of which social issue to choose.

The contest will be open for entries from July the 10th. Entrants will have time until November the 10th to submit as many posters as they want. The jury appointed to select the best 100 posters will be announced on July the 10th on the contest website. The aim of this edition of Good50x70 is to collect suitable works for a larger number of social issues in order to open the first social stock imagery website, the first such archive ever created. Its content will be powered by users and charities can benefit from it. The contest is produced to offer the social communication more visibility, and it represents the opportunity to create positive environmental and social impact through visual communication.


Launch: June the 13th 2011
Open for entries: July the 10th 2011
Deadline: November the 10th 2011

Good50x70 is a project is a project by Pasquale Volpe and Associazione Culturale Good Design, a Milan-based non-profit organization which specifically aims at promulgating and supporting design applied to social issues.