YUL-MTL: Moving landscape

open and anonymous ideas competition.

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iscrizioni entro 26.08.11 | consegna entro 7.10.11

The Chair in Landscape and Environmental Design at University of Montreal (CPEUM) is launching an international urban design ideas competition for the gateway corridor linking Montreal-Trudeau International Airport (YUL) to its downtown area (MTL) along Autoroute 20.

The 17 km gateway corridor, which is mostly made up of transport infrastructures and brownfields, is witnessing a large number of development infrastructural projects, thus offering considerable urban innovation potential. The International Ideas Competition wants to seize this re-qualification opportunity to propose planning options to structure a coherent vision aiming at creating an expressive gateway based on Montreal's identity as a UNESCO City of Design, a designation of which Montreal is celebrating the 5th anniversary in 2011.

The representative will act as an official contact and coordinator for the duration of the competition. Contestants are encouraged to establish multidisciplinary partnerships with other professionals such as engineers, transport and mobility consultants, environmental specialists, visual artists, set designers, graphic designers.

Entries will be evaluated by an international jury chaired by Italian architect and urban planner Bernardo Secchi

+ info: http://mtlunescodesign.com/en/projet/YUL-MTL-Moving-Landscapes-International-Ideas-Competition