Water Works Parkitecture design competition

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Parkitecture is a two-stage international design competition focused on the design of connections in and around Water Works Park and the Raccoon River, as well as the role Des Moines Water Works plays in providing the water supply for the metropolitan area.

The competition theme is framed in the following question:

"How do you define connection(s) relative to Water Works Park and second, how is this understanding realized?"

One of Des Moines Water Works Parkitecture's objectives is to generate a discourse about hydrological issues relevant to Des Moines Water Works and the surrounding community. The competiton invites critical thought and ideas on the value of urban development of parkland, and the possibility of dynamic cultural relationships that either passively or actively engage with the river and the surrounding watershed.

Parkitecture is intended to generate a spectrum of possible solutions for the entire 1,500-acre park as well as the detailed zones within the park. The jury will look for designers to explore their own design sensibilities while tackling complex urban and watershed-protection challenges specific to the park and water company. The competition aims to attract the interest of a wide range of teams and individuals at the local, national and international level.

- 1 August 2011 Registration Closes
- 3 October 2011 Submission deadline for first stage competition
- 24 October 2011 First stage winners announced
- 7 - 11 November 2011 First stage winners visit Des Moines, Iowa
- 16 December 2011 Second stage submission deadline
- 30 December 2011 Second stage winner announced

+ info: http://parkitecture.design.iastate.edu/

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