Nuovo museo dedicato al Bauhaus a Weimar

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Weimar owns a unique collection on the background, history and after-effects of Staatliches Bauhaus, whichwas founded here in 1919. In 1995 a temporary Bauhaus museum was set up. Now, thanks to a special fundingprogramme run by the German government and the state of Thuringia, the Klassik Stiftung Weimar foundationis able to set up a new Bauhaus museum in Weimar. This project is part of the 'Kosmos Weimar' master plan,which covers all the foundation's facilities, giving Weimar the opportunity to set a succinct example in terms ofarchitecture and urban development.

This competition is for planning this new building for Weimar Bauhaus Museum.
The purpose of the competitionis to find the best solution both for the new Bauhaus museum itself and for the location's urban developmentpotential.

A key aspect of the first stage of the competition will be the development of a fundamental design concept,selecting a suitable location within the competition site and tackling the open spaces surrounding it in thecontext of urban planning. Furthermore, the urban design concept in Stage 1 is to include an appraisal of sitesfor a possible future museum extension and a kindergarten. In the second stage of the competition the focus is on working in greater detail on the architectural and interiorconcept of the new museum building.

Participation To be eligible to take part, candidates must reside in the EU, Switzerland, an EEA member country or a GATTsignatory country and be entitled to use the title "architect" according to the architectural laws of that country, orbe entitled to work as an architect in the Federal republic of Germany according to EC directives, including, butnot limited to, the directive on the mutual recognition of diplomas in architecture. The competition is open to natural and legal persons fulfilling the professional requirements described in the callfor entries, along with the other admission requirements.

- 1st prize 55.000,00 EUR (46.218,49 EUR)
- 2nd prize 45.000,00 EUR (37.815,13 EUR)
- 3rd prize 32.500,00 EUR (27.310,92 EUR)
- 4th prize 20.000,00 EUR (16.806,72 EUR)
- 5th prize 10.000,00 EUR (8.403,36 EUR)
- For commendations: a total of 6.500,00 EUR (5 462,18 EUR).


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