Koizumi International Lighting Design Competition

International Lighting Design for Students

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To improve the culture of lighting design and to develop young new talent Koizumi is organizing the 25th Koizumi International Lighting Design Competition for Students.

We are currently living the time of lighting innovation with the appearance of new light sources such as LED, OELD, and PDP. These new technologies enable us to downsize the light source, and let us explore the beauty of light in various form that have not been possible until now. Technology is one of the things that influence the shape of an object, but it is not the most dominant part of it. Rather, it is just one of many elements that make up that object.

Learn and understand the characteristics of each light source, and design beautiful lights that are pleasing to both the hearts and minds.

The world changes every second, and people have been living in different environments and cultures. Koizumi invites to explore the "form of light" from the light of ancient times to the most advanced, and create your own light that reflects our current times.

Entry Eligibility
Any students from institute of learning as of September 1, 2011

Preliminary Competition
The preliminary competition will be made on the basis of the photographs, drawings or sketches that have been submitted.


Gold Award: Certificate of award and 1,000,000yen
Silver Award: Certificate of award and 300,000yen
Bronze Award: Certificate of award and 100,000yen

Honorable Mention [Limited Number]:
Certificate of award and prize Web Best Design Award
Certificate and prize Web Excellent Design Award


Application Period
September 1, 2011 to January 31, 2012

web www.koizumi-designcompe.com/english