Nuova facciata per il NY Stock Exchange

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iscrizione entro 01.11.11 | consegna entro 31.12.11

ICARCH Gallery is launching a competition for reshaping the facade of New York Stock Exchange - quintessential Wall Street building - through a project that expresses the inequities that this building represents both the distortions of Capitalism.

It shouldn't come as a surprise: at a time when millions and millions and millions of people have a very hard time to have ends meet, on Wall Street obscene salaries and bonuses are paid to people who produce nothing. The impertinence of Capitalism seems to be without limits.

The poverty line is 2$ per day, although it should be much higher. In many parts of the world it is simply impossible to live with 2$ a day. An average Wall Street "worker" earns 147,000$ a year. Could we continue to call civilization a space and a time when such inequities are not only possible, but actually encouraged?

Inevitably, again and again, architecturally the Greek orders are invoked and employed: both for the "Justice" Courts and Wall Street. Let's start with Wall Street. Let's start with the quintessential Wall Street building: New York Stock Exchange. Let's modify its façade (for the moment), to tell its truth.

Let's bring that legalized theft outwardly and express it as virulently as possible, on the façade of this vicious building. Let's problematize those placid columns, let's torment them. Let's make them know the pain of living on 2$ a day.

Express this sickness architecturally, on the new façade of new york stock exchange.

Works of any size and any format are allowed. All the works received will be published on the website,

The deadline for registration will be November 1st, 2011. The deadline to submit your works will be December 31st, 2011. The winners will be announced on February 1st, 2012. To receive all the necessary documents and for any questions:

More info: web | email