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international and northeastern US public realm public art/design-build competition

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The objective of this competition is to uncover new public realm art, architectural and environmental approaches to riverscapes at two scales: regional and intimate. Each designer/artist/team will produce an overall strategy for connecting and relating the four defined sites (and those between) while paying attention to the unique and individual characteristics of each community through site specific work.

At its core, the competition asks three main questions of its designers/artists/teams: 

• What models from Hamburg could be applied to our region to assist us in envisioning inventive and progressive solutions to ongoing issues common to post-industrial cities? 

• How can we utilize the river as the catalyst for awareness, change and growth within a region considering the following areas: economy, politics, environment, community, agriculture, transportation, public space, art, recreation, mapping, graphics? 

• How can small-scale, local river art/environmental installations have a lasting effect on a community and its collective visions of the future?

As the centerpiece of RIVERSCAPING, design-build competition is designed to focus on two primary goals: to educate our communities about the challenges and successes of the EU, and Hamburg in particular; and use these as the foundation for lasting solutions for the Pioneer Valley region. While the city of Hamburg and its surrounding regions differ from the Pioneer Valley in several ways, our project set out to focus on what we share: the river. In many ways, the river defines both of our regions, acting as the impetus for their creation and important to the everyday life of the present-day cities. We share planning, policy and environmental issues that are common to post-industrial cities that affect everything from the economy to public health to architecture. At the same time, water presents both cities with endless possibilities for public engagement, technology, green conservation, renewable energy, community networking or transportation.

The riverscaping competition encourages people to identify with and work with a particular landscape with a shared vision and common objectives. Each site is unique and rich with history and challenges. We present four sites from south to north along the Connecticut River: Springfield, Holyoke, Hadley and Turners Falls.

Results: Grand Prizes for 4 Competition Winners: Four (4) (one for each site) art/design projects will be selected by our jury based on our above criteria for award and production. Winning designers/artists/teams will be awarded a contract for implementation with a budget of $7500. Experimental Honors for Outstanding Planning Proposal: One (1) overall design strategy will receive a monetary award of $2000 for the best overall concept, based on creative, intellectual, and experimental criteria. This award celebrates the most creative and inventive in the first three categories of Design Criteria, regardless of its overall feasability. Results will be posted on our website in December 2011.

Deadline: all submissions are due by 6pm, December 9th, 2011 via mail, courrier or email.

more info: http://www.riverscaping.org/

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