Re-thinking Shanghai 2012

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iscrizioni entro 01.03.12 | consegna entro 28.03.12

Design competition open to all students, architectural professionals, and artists.

The aim of the competition is to design a visionary proposal for a sustainable architectural intervention along the Suzhou Creek in Shanghai. The location of the site selected can be anywhere along the Suzhou creek as long as it is within Shanghai. The project must occupy at least 150,000 square meters of land and contain residential, office, and commercial functions. The ratio and size of the programmatic elements is up to the competitor. The project must also maximize green areas on the site. We are looking for concepts that move beyond the ordinary and address issues such as power generation, cleaning air and water pollution, and the use of innovative materials and geometries.

- First Place USD 1500 and 3 months working in 10 DESIGN's Shanghai or Hong Kong office to test and develop winning ideas
- Second Place USD 1000
- Third Place USD 500