Adream 2012

Concorso di idee rivolto a studenti e professionisti invitati a presentare progetti di architettura e design innovativo per promuovere l'uso di materiali rinnovabili ed ecologici.

1a fase: consegna entro il 31 luglio 2012

concorsi di architettura

1a fase: consegna entro il 31 luglio 2012

The Free State of Thuringia and the French Regional Council of Picardie are the organisers of the competition adream 2012 - Architecture and design using renewable and ecological materials.

Renewable materials shall mean materials consisting wholly or in part of organic matter, of plant or animal origin. Ecological materials shall mean materials whose conception, manufacture, integration, application and disposal make a significant contribution to the protection of the environment.

Architecture shall include building design, engineering, interiors, urban development, landscaping, temporary exhibitions and installations.

Design shall cover industrial design and product, engineering, transport, interior, object, fashion, display, packaging and technical design.

Entrants are encouraged to submit design concepts which incorporate a combination of renewable energy sources, take the life cycles of resource-conserving materials into consideration and/or optimise environmental sustainability through the use of organic materials.

The total prize money is €30,000.
An additional grant of €50,000 will be given for taking projects to prototype.

Information on renewable and ecological materials is available from the adream materials database on the competition website -

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