Slant Spring Awards 2012

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consegna entro l'11 giugno 2012

The Slant Awards Spring 2012 competition is open to all, and the challenge this time is to design a concept plan for a city sector which is undergoing urban renewal.

The city in question is not a real city; it has been designed solely for this competition, and its location is not being specified. The "blanks" or "options" in the brief are deliberate, and the opportunity on offer to the entrants is that they can fill in the blanks in any way that they choose.

For example you decide the country, the climate and who the citizens are likely to be. We hope that by adopting this approach that you will feel free to demonstrate to the judges not only your planning skills, but also, equally importantly, your creative talents. As you will see, the site in question is made up of five distinct but linked zones and you are being asked to propose a design for the entire site.

Note: You are not obliged to design ever sqM of the site, but equally your design must remain within the site boundary. However there is an exception to this rule and it is that, in the area of the shoreline you are welcome to design any structures that you feel are appropriate, and which stretch out into and/or above the lake water. As before, we are proposing this project as a project of the imagination, for the imagination.

- 13.April.2012: Last day to avail of discounted entry fee.
- 11.June.2012: Deadline for completed submissions.
- 09.July.2012: Publication of Long list
- 13.August.2012: Publication of Short list.
- September 2012: Announcement of Slant Award Winners Spring 2012

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