Krakow Nowa Huta of the future

International ideas competition

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consegna entro il 25 giugno 2012

Krakow, is the second largest city in Poland, it is the centre of a dynamic region, which has many historical and natural assets. From our historic core (which is a UNESCO world heritage site) you can have easy access to unspoilt mountains lakes and rivers.

We have a strong cultural and physical identity and as a city are growing in size and profile. We are looking for the most talented designers to help us develop a ‘place making' approach to release the full potential of Nowa Huta the main eastern district of the city. We are acutely aware of the competitive nature of the global market place, what we want is to grow Krakow not expand it with ‘everywhere - nowhere' generic developments. Our strong identity physical and cultural has to shape the future of Nowa Huta. We know that this is the key to making Krakow more competitive on the world stage.

These new places have to create environments, which will be viable and attractive to the indigenous population, facilitate inward investment and stimulate economic growth in a measured and sensible way. We are looking at a time horizon of 25 to 50 years in terms of the place evolving. Core to this approach is social, cultural, technological and ecological sustainability.

This part of the city was developed in the 50's as an expansion area to facilitate the growth of one of the largest steel mills in Poland. The area has a fine urban structure is well connected to the historic core and has wonderful landscape assets.

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