Re-Think Athens. Towards a new city centre

european architectural competition

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The Alexander S.Onassis Public Benefit Foundation launches a European architectural competition for the re-constitution of Athens city centre along the axis of Panepistimiou str., and invites all interested candidates fulfilling the eligibility criteria to register by completing the registration form annexed in the respective section of the competition site mentioned below.

Purpose of the Competition is the selection of the Architect (Person or legal entity), that will undertake the design of the architectural public space for the creation of a New City Center in Athens along the axis of Panepistimiou Street. The objectives for the city center re-constitution, extending from Amalias Ave to Patission Ave, are the transformation of the city center into a destination for the public instead of a traffic area for motor vehicles, the functional, aesthetic and environmental upgrade of the city center, the re-enhancement of commercial, administrative and financial activities in the city,the repopulation of the city center, the highlighting of the historical and cultural identity of the capital, the improvement of quality of life for all citizens.

The Competition is a two-stage competition, of a single design category namely the architectural, with technical supporting studies. In the first stage of the Competition (Ideas Competition), the First Stage Jury will select three (3) to eight (8) proposals, whose designers will qualify for the second stage (Concept Drawings Competition). In the second stage of the Competition (Concept Drawings Competition), the candidates selected during the first stage will be invited to re-submit their design proposals. From among these new proposals, the Second Stage Jury will select up to three (3) designs that will receive prizes.

Each proposal selected by the jury to proceed to the 2nd stage of the Competition (Preliminary Drawings Competition) shall receive a honorarium of Euros Twenty-Five Thousand (€ 25,000) (incl. VAT). The first stage Jury may also select one additional ‘utopian' proposal to receive a honorary award of Euros Ten Thousand (€ 10,000) (incl. VAT), without entitling the participant to proceed to the 2nd stage of the Competition. At the second stage of the Competition (Preliminary Drawings Competition) up to three (3) cash prizes of a total amount of Euros One Hundred and Sixty Thousand (€ 160,000) (incl.VAT) will be shared among three winners, in the followings percentages 1st prize: 45%, 2nd prize: 33% , 3rd prize: 22%.

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