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04.07.2012 To whom it may concern, Arquideas wants to inform you about some modifications in the brief of Arquideas Grant 2012.

In order to do not limit the possibilities of participation, Arquideas has done two changes in the brief:

1- Architecture students of any year and young architects (max. 5 years from graduation) can take part in the Arquideas Grant 2012

2- Separate the practices in the architecture office to broaden the geographical scope and the possibilities to set the prize aside for other educational activities.

Arquideas wants to move forward the integration of students and young architects into labour activity. The arquideas grant competition is, consequently, a means to put the knowledge gained by students and young architects during their studies in the different architecture schools into practice, continuing their education and learning how great professional architecture offices work.

The arquideas grant competition will award the winner with an economic monthly prize given by Arquideas and professional practices in any of our partner architecture offices that can be chosen by the winner, during six months period.

Announcement purpose Working in or adjacent to a building of the past, makes us face its processing in space and time, and requires taking a stance aware of the role of contemporary architecture in its relationship with the city and history. The exercise aims to propose the construction of a small visitor centre next to the Temple of Nizamuddin in Delhi, India, which will form part of the interventions that being carried out today in the area between the Sunder Nursery gardens, Humayun's Tomb (World Heritage) and urban and social renovation of Nizamuddin area. The chosen building, currently a place of worship and sightseeing, is dominated by the presence of a sixteenth century open square pavilion with a strict regular geometric pattern, made of stone.

The announcement is aimed at architecture students and young architects. All the architecture students, around the world and graduated before June 2013, are eligible to take part in the competition. All the architecture students must take part individually in the competition. All the young architects, around the world, that have graduated since January 1st 2007, are eligible to take part in the competition. All the young architects must take part individually in the competition. The winning student or young architect must speak fluent English, Spanish or German, for a proper communication with the architecture office in which he will develop the professional practices.

Prize: 4,200 euros + Practices in Nieto Sobejano Architects
Fuensanta Nieto and Enrique Sobejano are graduated Architects of the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid and the GSAP Columbia University, New York. USA. They are currently professors at the European University of Madrid (UEM) and at the Universität der Künste of Berlin (UdK), and are partners of Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos S.L. office.

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