Open space of the Bernardine monastery in Lviv

international open design competition

iscrizioni entro 17.08.12 | consegna entro 03.10.12

Executive committee. the City of Lviv

Competition task. to create a design for the public open spaces in and around the Bernardine Monastery complex, located in the inner city of Lviv, Ukraine: 

  • that reflects the historical, spatial, social and environmental characteristics of the area
  • that preserves the unique existing characteristics of each of the open spaces and develop their qualities with new treatments and elements
  • that creates a unifying concept for the site as a whole and incorporate it into the existing urban context
  • that enhances the site's potential as a public recreational amenity

Eligibility. Individuals and teams of professionals and/or students (with the minimum degree of bachelor or equivalent) in the fields of architecture, landscape design and/or urban planning.

- 1st prize - 3000 euro
- 2nd prize - 2000 euro
- 3rd prize - 1000 euro
up to 2 honorable mentions

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