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"The Fund of IT progress" announced the competition for the best concept of the memorial to Steve Jobs in St. Petersburg, Russia.

This can be any idea - a classical monument, stele, memorial plaque and even any kind of modern electronic installation. Nothing prevents from going beyond! The winner will be selected in accordance with the views of our authoritative jury, which will consist of St. Petersburg IT professionals and with the votes of our respected Internet users.

Requirements for the application provision: arrange the offer in any convenient way (both in Russian or in English); send on our specially created email: or use the form on this page. Size restrictions (the size of files in one application) - no more than 10 Mb.

Remember: the requests with visual support (pictures, sound, photos and videos) have more chances to be approved by our jury and users.

The deadline: 12:00 (Moscow time) 6 august 2012

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