Warming Huts v.2013: an art & architecture competition on ice

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Warming Huts v. 2013 is launching a Call for Proposals to select design teams to create three (3) new, unique shelters for the Assiniboine Credit Union River Trail (ACURT), on the Assiniboine River, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The shelters will be installed along the world's longest skating trail (www.rivertrail.ca) between the end of January, and the beginning of March, 2013.

This competition is about testing the ability of architecture and art to establish meaning for users of the skating trail as they enjoy leisure time on the Red and Assiniboine Rivers. Within the context of a cold climate, the huts should embody the potential of creativity in responding to the pragmatics of shelter in this context. The designs must allow for the hut to be delivered to the site on pre-fabricated skids. A SketchUp model of the skid is available for download on the competition website.

This call for entries is open to all professional designers (or teams of designers) who have a proven portfolio of design work. Each design team must include an artist and a member of a recognized architectural association. Membership includes registered architects and intern members. The organizers encourage the formation of multi-disciplinary teams.

The budget for the creation and construction of each hut is $16,500 (CAN). This budget is divided in the following fashion:

  • • up to $3,500.00 for the designers' honorarium.
  • • up to $7,500.00 (including taxes) for the purchase of materials and/or the employment of consultants necessary for the realization of the project. This budget is managed jointly by The Forks and the designer.
  • • up to $4,000.00 for labour costs for the construction of the hut.
  • • up to $1,500.00 for Construction Management conducted by The Forks
  • Up to $1,000.00 is available for accommodation expenses and up to $ 2, 500.00 is available for airfare. All travel expenses are only applicable to foreign teams.

Please visit www.warminghuts.com for additional information and updates to the competition.

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