Ara-Home 2049 housing design competition

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ARA-Home 2049 competition is a concept competition where entrants are invited to submit not only individual design ideas but also overall concepts for housing of the future at the city block level. The purpose is to find innovative and unexplored housing solutions.

The competition is organised by the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (ARA) together with the City of Lahti, the Lahti Science and Business Park, and the departments of architecture at the Tampere University of Technology, Aalto University and the University of Oulu.

The competition is open to all registered students of university-level institutions. Entries may be submitted by individuals or teams. Entrants are encouraged to form multi-disciplinary teams, although each team must include at least one student of architecture. It is acceptable for competition entries to be supervised in teaching contexts at the student's or students' place of study.

The competition area is the Sopenkorpi district in the city of Lahti, as shown in the appendices. Entrants are free to choose a site within this area where to locate their design.

- 1st prize EUR 5,000
- 2nd prize EUR 3,000
- 3rd prize EUR 2,000

Competition seminar: 3rd of September 2012 in Lahti, Finland
Deadline 30th of November 2012

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