Architecture at Zero 2012

Competition for Zero Net Energy Architecture

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The design challenge is a zero net energy (ZNE) student housing or administrative office building design for the University of California Merced in Merced, California. As part of the Architecture at Zero 2012 challenge, entrants will also be asked to create a diagrammatic district energy plan for the Bellevue Gateway development. The buildings will be part of the Bellevue Gateway, a new mixed-use development located on the campus that will act as both the primary entrance to the University and as a bustling center of activity with sports facilities, dining, residential spaces, administration, and parking.

Each entrant or team will produce a diagrammatic/conceptual zero net energy district plan sketchand a detailed zero net energy building design for either student housing or administrative offices. Entrants will be judged based on the documentation of the energy performance of their projects and also on the architectural merit of their designs.

Each building design and each district energy plan will need to include at least one renewable energy source. For this competition, "renewables" will be defined as solar power, wind power, microhydro, geothermal, and biomass/biofuel. Renewable generation is distinct from load reduction, and both are components of a successful zero net energy design.

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