Archivo pavilion a Città del Messico

concorso internazionale di architettura

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The recently inaugurated Archivo Diseño y Arquitectura, in partnership with Domus and its local edition Domus México, make an open call to submit proposals for an outdoor temporary pavilion for public use.

The selected proposal will be built and installed at the gardens of Archivo with the aim of activating its facilities and surroundings through a proposal that incorporates innovative design and architectural ideas.  Archivo emerged in 2012 as a space for revising, collecting, promoting, exhibiting and broadcasting design in its many outlets. It sets out to establish itself as a precedent and referent when working with different curatorial and exhibition frames, contests, colloquiums, and other activities that can ignite a critical exchange between design and architecture—always underlying its relationship with a broader public.


Through the commission of a functional pavilion, Archivo seeks to activate its facilities with the aim of increasing the public usage of both site and context. With an approximate duration of one year, the Archivo Pavilion installation aims to strengthen the relationship with its audience and the local community at large by addressing the lack of communal space.

The ambition is to create a functional pavilion that can host approximately thirty people; where through its suggested design program, it can transform the building's activities.

The jury will select a proposal to be developed and built in the gardens of Archivo. Aside from receiving a monetary incentive of 5,000 USD, the winning proposal will be published in Domus, Domus México, and Upon the jury's criteria, a selection of honorable mentions will also be published in

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