Jump the gap 2012-2013

5rd international roca design contest

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iscrizione entro 31.01.13 | consegna entro 18.04.13

Jumpthegap is an International Design  Contest promoted by Roca that should bring new and innovative concepts to the bathroom, understanding innovation as the anticipation of users' new desires and needs, as well as (why not?) the transformation of dreams and desires into reality.

Jumpthegap offers the opportunity to create and design innovative solutions in bathroom and related products and represents Roca's support for the new generations of designers and architects.

This fifth edition of Roca International Design Contest is aimed at creative people who think towards the future whilst designing today.

More than 50% of the products that we will use in 10 years have not yet been manufactured, much less designed. So what will they be like?

A large part of those products incorporate concepts and technologies that we may not even be able to imagine today... or maybe we can. Jumpthegap starts from the assumption that young creative people design today whilst thinking about tomorrow; a tomorrow when the limitations of today will not apply and when new needs, architecture, technologies and products will emerge which will help us to improve people's lives by bringing them more well-being, hygiene and comfort. 

These are designs that can bring forth their vision of conceptually innovative bathroom products and solutions: new products, new spaces and/or new uses and functions.

The contest is open to applicants from every country in the world who are:

  • Young designers or architects,
  • Design or architecture students.

All participants must be born from 1 January 1976 on.

Further information about the competition