Trimo Urban Crash 2013. Bike Base

4th biennial competition

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consegna entro 31 gennaio 2013

È partita la quarta edizione della competizione internazionale Trimo Urban Crash, rivolta a studenti di architettura e design da tutto il mondo. La competizione terminerà il 31 Gennaio 2013, sfidando gli studenti a preparare una soluzione per un'originale opera urbana.

The theme of the architectural building is a self-sufficient Bike Base designed as a sustainable building consisting of a maximum of three Trimo modular units. It has to connect the following components through its form and purpose: 
• A meeting point for cyclists, a place for refreshment and rest,
• Servicing bicycles and electrical bicycles,
• Free wireless internet connection, 
• Charging batteries for computers, mobile phones, 
• Charging for electrical bicycles and motorcycles

The architectural facility has to represent an original work by the author and has to serve public purpose. Students shall envisage and propose added content and micro-location themselves.

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Trimo Urban Crash is an international competition for students of architecture and design. The aim is to encourage aspiring designers of urban space towards a bolder, more ambitious approach towards understanding architecture and its place in the larger urban environment. The competition ventures beyond the realm of applied theory by revealing the innovativeness, flexibility and effectiveness of Trimo products and solutions - and their distinct advantages in contemporary design and building.

The main competition is organized every two years, with first prize the realization of the winning project in Ljubljana and anall-expense paid summer school term for the winner. The shortlisted authors are invited to a workshop in Slovenia and their works are published in the event catalogue. And all of the works are published in an online gallery. Trimo Urban Crash offers no monetary rewards as we see greater purpose in the accumulation of knowledge, valuable experience and finally, recognition.