Landscapes on the Edge

concorso per studenti

pubblicato il:

consegna entro 1 maggio 2003

l'Ifla (International Federation of Landscape Architects) bandisce un concorso di progettazione per studenti.

The theme of the 40th IFLA World Congress is Landscapes on the Edge.

Sub-themes include:

  • The Green Edge - Landscape Planning and Sustainable Environments
  • Cultural Landscapes - Maintaining a Local Edge in the Global Community
  • The Canadian West - Landscapes on the Edge
  • Urban Design on the Edge of Place Making
  • The Urban Edge - Transitional Landscapes
  • The Water's Edge - Waterfronts, Wetlands and Amenities
  • Landscape on the Edge of Art
  • Landscape Architecture - Pushing the Edge of the Profession
  • The Cutting Edge - Ideas, Technologies and Solutions