Architectural Photography Competition

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Homemade Dessert is excited to invite you once more to participate in our architectural photography competitions. This time we would like you to think about COLOR in architecture.

Color has a tremendous influence on human emotions. As Picasso once said, colors, like features, follow the changes of emotions. Although, and while perception of color is somewhat subjective, there are some color effects that have a universal influence on people.

These scientific principles of color are known as chromotherapy and have been used as a form of alternative medicine since Egyptian civilization. Whether it is used as a conceptual trigger of a project or introduced in the middle of a process to reconfigure the perception of some material or space, the truth is that color has its particular psychological function, either perceptive or systematic.

Entry Fee: US$ 25

- Juries' favorite US$ 1000
- Readers' favorite US$ 500

We are expecting to receive images of spaces where we can observe and feel this dual ability of colors, in both rational and emotional outcomes.

This is an international architectural photography competition and it is open for all.

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