A house for Pink Floyd

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As Roger Waters, of the famous Pink Floyd band, is to stage a concert in Bucharest, the 28th of August, ICARCH (International Architectural Competitions), in association with the Romanian architecture magazine AdeP (Atelierul de Proiectare) decided to launch an international architecture competition, under the motto: "A house for Pink Floyd".

As inspired by Pink Floyd's music and stage performance, the competition shall bring a breath of fresh air into architecture, in the same way as the famous band did to music, holding the band's successful musical creation as inspiration.

As many of you know, Pink Floyd were and are considered to be one of the icons of revolutionary, progressive music, that took to using sonic experiments and philosophical lyrics to cross social boundaries and redefine values. In the same way, "A House for Pink Floyd" is to translate the band's music philosophy into architecture - an attempt all the more legitimate, in this case, if we are to consider that three of the founding members of Pink Floyd studied architecture.

The competition will ambitiously focus on creating a typology of architecture inspired by the dictum "Architecture is frozen music", a true manifesto of rebellion against obsolete values of the consumerist society.

"A House for Pink Floyd" is an international architecture contest, open to all architects, architecture students and design students who are willing to take on such a challenge. The competition will focus on creating any object of architecture that transcends rules and standardisation and innovates through itself. There are no constraints in regard to site, program or size, in order to provide maximum freedom to participants.

The participating projects will be evaluated and judged by an international jury, to be later announced on www.adep.ro and www.icarch.us. All projects shall be presented on www.icarch.us, while the winning work is to be published in AdeP Magazine. The contest will be celebrated through an exhibition hosted by the University of Architecture and Urbanism Ion Mincu of Bucharest, to be visited in the following time-frame: 20th August - 10th September 2013.

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