Food supermarket with additional services

consegna entro il 15 ottobre 2013

The Latvia Association of Architects announces an open international competition for the best concept of an architectural idea and architectonic solution for the object "FOOD SUPERMARKET WITH ADDITIONAL SERVICES" (on the building site at  Rigas district, Garkalnes territory, Berģi, Rigas-Siguldas highway 8).

The competition client is LLC "Skai Baltija" - a Baltic food trading and manufacturing company.

The functional use of the competition object: 

  • A food supermarket with additional services (chemist, flowers and laundry), which are located in the entry junction section;
  • A single storey building with a 3,000m2 useable internal space.
  • The object has one central entry door;
  • There has to be a ramp at the back which meets on one level with the shop floor;
  • Two driving up spots, one of which is by the stationery ramp and the other by the hydraulically raisable and lowerable platform which is at the raisable ramp's height, are required in the ramp zone.
  • Object must be placed on the land, so the idea is a customizable other rectangular parcel to the area from 10 000 m² to 15 000 m² and their respective dimensions of 90m x 130m to 100m x 150m.
  • A car park next to the building for 150 vehicles with at least half of the car park covered by a roof, with the roof having a minimum height of 4m. 

The competition object's general description:

  • A sustainable design, a high energy efficiency with an operating life of no less than 20 years;
  • Object's potential building site may be in St. Petersburg or this region's (should take account of the special climatic conditions);

- First place: Euro 7.000
- Second place: Euro 4.500
- Third place: Euro 2.000


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