Warwick Junction

International Competition for Architecture Students

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Warwick Junction is a dynamic trade and transport hub in the heart of Durban's inner city. Rigorous, colourful and noisy, it is a nucleus of activity and movement for hundreds of thousands of people every day. This transport node provides a setting for predominantly informal traders at an unprecedented scale.

The competition aims to recognise the complex systems that underpin the site's economic, cultural and social dynamic - and to find ways to strengthen, reinforce or expand these systems to the advantage of users and inhabitants of the site and surrounding city. Projects must propose three visions simultaneously: a long term - large scale solution; medium term - medium scale solution; an immediate small scale intervention.

RESILIENCE is defined as life strategies developed by communities and critical interventions that contribute to poverty alleviation.
ECOLOGY acknowledges the role of the architect in a bigger, interlinked, and systemic network that encourages a long-term design perspective.
VALUES explores ways to re-assess professional values, develop methods and techniques for professional engagement, and interrogate the ethics associated with architectural and design practice and teaching.

The STUDENT COMPETITION sets out to celebrate these concepts in various forms. For the competition, students are required to seek answers beyond the confines of the architectural studio, architectural literature, and architectural professional practice. Solutions should be found in OTHER unexpected places, in local knowledge and traditions, evolving habits, movement networks and highly specific perspectives.

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