Threshold of the Americas

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Arquine launches an open, international call for entries for the design of the threshold between Tijuana and San Ysidro: the transit point that responds to the programmatic needs of those who cross the border here. At the same time it should be viewed as a point of reference of a monumental nature for the busiest border in the world.

According to the May 2013 report by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), every year 13,672,329 automobiles cross the border at the Tijuana - San Ysidro border crossing-double the number of cars on the streets of Sao Paulo and four times the number in Mexico City - while the total number of passengers they convey amounts to 34,180,000 - almost equal to the population of Canada.

On average they take 45 minutes to cross, according to a study by the Business Advisory Board of Tijuana. Meanwhile, the number of border crossings made on foot totals 9 million individuals. As a result the zone is constantly bustling with activity, occupied by different kinds of people - those who cross, those who wish to cross and those who have failed to cross - an accumulation of people who occupy the space on a practically permanent basis, in a perennial state of indefinite waiting. Meanwhile, the State appears unable to solve the lack of clarity in migration issues, or provide the minimum conditions of security and protection the location demands.

Nevertheless, "The continued presence of the twin phenomena, migration and tourism, endow the busiest border crossing in the world with a unique and unprecedented permanence". It is for this reason that the development of a threshold site is proposed as a signal of a change in thinking.

The Threshold of the Americas should be of a dichotomous character, as both a place to remain and to transit at once. It should be a dwelling-place for migrants, regardless of their condition, whether they are entering, leaving or waiting. It should also be a reference point for tourists who explore this space, replete with similar and contradictory signals. Finally, it should serve as a support structure for residents on both Mexican and U.S. sides of the border. Arquine is calling for entries to design an architectural intervention at this emblematic point on the continent, with the design of a center providing support and assistance to emigrants and immigrants, a space understood both as a landmark and a bridge that contributes to the urban recovery of the zone and becomes a reference point on the busiest border in the world

The invitation is open to architects and architecture students all over the world. Teams, collective and individual participants are welcome. The groups may incorporate professionals or students from other disciplines so long as the team leader or representative is an architect or architecture student.

» Rules

- October 01, 2013 Start of entries
- November 05, 2013 Start of consultation period
- November 26, 2013 Completion period of consultation
- December 20, 2013 Completing first registration stage
- February 21, 2014 Closing date for entries
- February 24, 2014 Deadline for sending proposals


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