Downtown Q 2015

design ideas competition

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La Queanbeyan Business Chamber invita i progettisti di tutto il mondo a partecipare al concorso per rigenerare con progetti di eccelllenza il Downtown Q uno degli insediamenti più antichi dell'entroterra australiano.

The Queanbeyan Business Chamber invites Australian and international designers to enter a design ideas competition for Downtown Q - critical streets and sites within the Central Business District of Queanbeyan. With quality renewal or redevelopment Downtown Q will spearhead regeneration of one of Australia's oldest inland settlements.

Winning designs will combine urban design ideas and development concepts that project a visionary future of prosperity and design excellence for the regional city. These ideas and concepts will be used to generate confidence in outcomes for the community and may be further developed to define and stimulate investment opportunity.

This is a single stage design ideas competition. It has been developed and will be conducted in accordance with the Australian Institute of Architects Guidelines for Architectural Competitions and the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects Guidelines for the Promotion and Conduct of Competitions.

- Downtown Q $30,000
- Civic Q $10,000
- Residential Q $10,000
- Commercial Q  $10,000
There are no second or subsequent prizes in each element. However, commendations and/or supplementary prize money from a pool of $2,000 may be awarded at the discretion of the Jury. There is also a Community prize pool of $2,000 - a $500 prize for Downtown Q and for each of the Development Quarters. Prizes are in Australian dollars.

The competition has the endorsement of the Australian Institute of Architects and the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects

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