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Concorso internazionale di idee organizzato da M-arch finalizzato a individuare soluzioni per la mobilità nella laguna veneziana attraverso la progettazione di un edificio residenziale a Poveglia e Ottagono e i suoi possibili collegamenti con le altre isole e Venezia.

The tiny islands, Poveglia and Ottagono, are the subject of the contest organized by M-arch []. These islands are part of a compound located in the southern part of the Venetian Lagoon, made of three Islands really close to each other. The most south-located Island, with its octagonal shape is called "Ottagono di Poveglia" and has got an all-round bricks edge of recent construction, used in times past for the compound defence, even though nowadays no more traces have been left of the military construction located on it. The most central Island is connected with the one North-located by a bridge recently recuper- ated. The buildings located on this Central Island are in a real bad un-kept state, with the excep- tion of a typical, recently renovated Venetian shelter for vessels located north-west of the island.

Both Ottagono and the Greater North-located Island presents fallow ground, though in ancient times it was used as vegetable garden and vineyard.

Poveglia was among the primordial villages of the lagoon. Several variations during the centuries in the end use of the Island resulted in the transformation of both the structure and the function of the ancient buildings therein. Since the Fifth Century a.c, the island hosted a village, followed then by a monastery and afterward by a boatyard.

M-Arch's mission is to find innovative solutions to exhisting city's problem. The role of a Designer is crucial to solve those issues. The competion aims to find a solution to the difficulty in moving through Venice. This city is famously unique thanks to its many canals that made it one of the most romantic places in the world. Designing a residential building/s on the islands of Poveglia and Ottagono the designers will necessarily find a solution to connect it to the other islands of Venice. Applicants are free to find the best residential building solution for the islands. Analysing the surrounding areas and the city necessities, it will be fundamental to under- stand which type of building will be the best solution. It could be any typology of residential building, from a single private house to a big apartment block. There are no restrictions in design, apart from the use; which must be residential. Designers are also invited to find an innovative solution regarding the transportation of people and possible suppliers or maintenance crew to the site. This will be a possible example on how to improve transportation in Venice, a guide for the future development of this historical city. M-Arch does not fix any restriction to the solution of this Venetian issue, in order to let Designers to think out of the box. However, the solution must be a feasible suggestion.

Competitors can be students, graduated, freelance architects, designers or artists.

- 1° prize 1.000 €
- 2° prize 300 €
- 3° prize 200 €
- honorable mentions: 10 honorable mentions
 All the awarded proposals will be published on architectural magazines and websites + will be hosted in international exhibitions. All the finalist proposals will be published on

+ info and brief:

M-Arch is a movement aiming to promote architectural competitions in order to find solutions for issues that affect contemporary cities.

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