International street cat house design competition

international design competition

consegna entro l'8 dicembre 2014

SAA Spica architects Associates [ ] un team di architetti di Shanghai impegnati socialmente, lancia un concorso di idee per creare spazi dedicati ai gatti randagi con soluzioni innovative ed efficaci tali da risolvere i problemi sociali causati dagli animali.

As an stray animal group which can be sighted almost everywhere in the urban area, stray cats affect people's life in many ways and therefore cause positive and negative social problems. More and more people are spending their times helping them such aiding, feeding, adopting, and doing sterilization operations. There is also some people they abandon, drive off, hunting and killing them. Whatever individually or organized, these relationships between animals and humans, or even humans with urban spaces inevitably have impacts on people's life.

Therefore, by this competition we want not only shelters which prevent the stray cats from rain and wind. More importantly we want spaces which can create relationship and solve social problems. We hope this competition can be a catalyst of creating a better urban living environment for humans and animals and can arouse people's sense of social responsibility. Together we can build a harmonious home

The organizing committee will invite famous domestic and foreign scholars, experts, animal protection groups to participate in the selection, released the outstanding works on January 10, 2015, released top three works on January 20, 2015. All the entries will undertake unity binding into a book, and published on web sites and platform and display.

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