MH17 Memorial + Park in Amsterdam

open ideas international competition

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matterbetter invita architetti, giovani professionisti e studenti a partecipare al concorso internazionale di idee per ricordare e onorare le vittime della tragedia del volo MH17 abbattuto mentre sorvolava il confine tra Russia e Ucraina.

matterbetter is inviting architects, young professionals and students to participate in open-ideas international competition for MH17 Memorial + Park in Amsterdam. Matterbetter team is the only organizer of this competition. Any references to the involvement of the municipality of Amsterdam in this project are incorrect.

An international open ideas competition for architects and students is initiated to remember and honor the victims of the MH17 tragedy. This man-made tragedy has influenced thousands of lives in direct or indirect manner across the entire world. Most of all this tragedy has affected the Netherlands - the Dutch nation that lost 193 souls in this catastophe. Therefore Amsterdam, the departure point of this one way flight, was selected as a location for the MH17 Memorial.

Architects, students, engineers, and designers are invited to participate in the competition. 
matterbetter encourages to have multidisciplinary teams.

- 1st place: 3000 EUR + certificate
- 2nd place: 2000 EUR + certificate
- 3rd place: 1000 EUR + certificate
- Honorable Mentions Award: 7 Awards + certificate

Editor's Choice Award - granted individual publication on our blog and social media pages to three entries that are carefully selected by matterbetter editors. Top 50 - Fifty short-listed entries featured in one single online publication on our blog and social media pages.

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