The Baywatch Kit

international contest of ideas

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A:Circumference lancia un concorso internazionale di idee per progettare il luogo di lavoro per il bagnino (posto di avvistamento e seduta) adatto a essere montato in una qualsiasi spiaggia di sabbia, da Barcellona a Bali.

A:Circumference launches an international contest of ideas and nvited to think and propose a work space organisation for the Lifeguard profession: The Baywatch Kit (watch post and chair).

The implantation must be a sandy beach area, neutral of any cultural aspect or geographical location, so that
it could fit a beach in Barcelona, as well as a beach in Bali.

The call is public and to architect and product design students from around the world (bachelor, master or post-graduate). Also accepted for professionals that obtained their degree less than 5 years ago. Participation can be individual or in group (maximum of 5 participants per group).

The winning entry will receive 300 euros / 380 US dollars.
The winning proposals, mentions and finalists will be considered by the Cruz Roja committee for his eventual construction. The winning proposals, mentions and finalists will be considered for architectural publications and blogs. Exhibition of winning entries, mentions and finalists may occurs, and will be communicated to the participants when the event arises.

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