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scadenza 25/09/2003

We are very glad to inform you that International Festival "Landscape Architecture. Look from home..." is annually held in Centre for architecture and construction "Dom Na Brestskoy", Moscow, Russia.

This Festival is a great forum in the field of landscape architecture and garden design, which draws attention of professionals as well as of ordinary people and mass-media. Famous landscape architects and designers from Russia, the countries of the former USSR and from Europe participate in it.

The main part of this Festival is the Competition for the best proposal of landscape design for different areas (city area, garden area, city yard area, the best elements of landscape design), the winner of which is awarded the Grand Prix. Besides, the presentations of different architectural events, round tables, and the master-classes of the famous architects and designers are in the program of this Festival.

Knowing about your personal contribution to the field of landscape architecture and garden design, we would like to suggest that you should take part in International Festival "Landscape Architecture. Look from Home..." which is held from the 23th of October till the 27th of October, 2003 in Moscow, Russia. If you are interested in it, please, let us know.

You may find more detailed information of past and future Festivals on our site