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international competition for innovative urban project

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La città di Parigi offre a tutti i progettisti del mondo 23 aree per sviluppare le loro idee ed esprimere il proprio talento con progetti di innovazione urbana.

Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris and her Deputy Mayor in charge of urban planning, Jean-Louis Missika, launch a call for urban innovative projects in the form of an international contest.

The purpose of this Call for Innovative Urban Projects is to select innovative urban projects or constructions with a view to their practical implementation in the short term in the Paris area.

The Call aims to encourage the grouping together of urban actors in the development of a project. From project genesis to implementation, the aim is to bring together different actors whether investors, architects, project owners, prime contractors, operators, users, researchers, artists, designers, start-ups, etc., to answer this call and turn the project into a reality.

23 sites of the Call for Urban Innovative Projects:
Morland (4ème arrondissement) / Hôtel de Coulanges (4ème arrondissement) / Private mansion (5ème arrondissement) / Sub station Voltaire (11ème arrondissement) / Poterne des Peupliers (13 ème arrondissement) / Former conservatoire (13 ème arrondissement) / Edison, 67-69 rue Edison (13ème arrondissement) / Masséna station (13 ème arrondissement) / Italie (13ème arrondissement) / Paris Rive gauche (13 ème arrondissement) / Bains - douches Castagnary (15 ème arrondissement) / Private mansion (17 ème arrondissement) / Clichy Batignolles (17 ème arrondissement) / Pershing (17ème arrondissement) / Pitet - Curnonsky (17ème arrondissement) / Bessières (17ème arrondissement) / Ternes - Villiers (17ème arrondissement) / Ordener (18ème arrondissement) / Ourcq - Jaurès (19 ème arrondissement) / Triangle Eole Evangile (19 ème arrondissement) / Buzenval (20 ème arrondissement) / Gambetta (20 ème arrondissement) / Piat (20ème arrondissement) 

These sites have different characteristics and are in different urban contexts which need to be understood by the project leaders. This diversity reflects the desire of the City to allow innovation to express itself in different urban contexts and in various formats.

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