Young Scenographers | One Object - Many Visions - EuroVisions

international and interdisciplinary design competition

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iscrizione entro 28.11.2014 | consegna entro 30.01.2015

Concorso di design internazionale rivolto a studenti e giovani professionisti invitati a immaginare nuovi format di allestimento contemporanei per presentare oggetti regionali in una dimensione europea.

The Young Scenographers Contest is an international and interdisciplinary design competition and part of the research project EMEE - EuroVision: Museums Exhibiting Europe.

EMEE is a European museum development project for national and regional museums funded by the Culture Programme of the European Commission. The project explores an innovative approach for museums to reinterpret their objects in the broader context of European history.

New means of presentation, participation and staging aim at enabling visitors to gain access to transnational objects and European perspectives.

"One Object - Many Visions - EuroVisions" is the motto of the Young Scenographers Contest. International students and young professionals - of design, scenography, architecture and other creative disciplines as well as museum and cultural studies - are invited to create ideas and develop design concepts for a multi-perspective, synaesthetic presentation of museum objects.

The goal is to find new transcultural approaches to present regional objects in a European dimension via contemporary, content-consistent exhibition design and new formats of presentation.

The participants can submit a semester or diploma project or other design projects which were completed between June 2014 and January 2015.

1. Bachelor or Master students are required to include their certificate of matriculation with the physical submission.

2. Young professionals:

a.) Graduates who received their degree no longer than 3 years prior to the registration deadline of the contest (28/11/2014). Proof and date of graduation / diploma will be required upon physical submission.

b.) Young trained designers without an academic degree who are 28 and under at the date of registration deadline (28/11/2014). Proof and date of birth will be required upon physical submission.

• 1st prize - 2.000 Euro
• 2nd prize - 1.000 Euro
• 3rd prize - 750 Euro
• 4th prize - 500 Euro

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